Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Questions Asked About Life Coaching, Family Estrangement, Reiki Healing and HOPEpece© (End of Life Transitional Coaching)

Many people experiencing a chronic disease feel that “they” are their illness. By letting this define them, they limit the quality of their lives. Exploring the beliefs that hold you back from living fully in the now, I will create new mental pictures to encourage transformation, through change. Confronting the issues of pain, hopelessness and anxiety, I will accompany you on your journey. Through self-expression, poignant questions, guided imagery, I can give you the right tools to push through these barriers. Together, I will help you become more in tune with your mind, body and spirit connection, thus elevating the obstacles that hold you back. With a sense of humor, a love of God and intuitive presence, I will create a trusting bond with you.

Often in tandem, with chronic diseases are family estrangement issues. The adult child (or children) will pull away from the parent, disconnecting, themselves. Though many reasons can facilitate this (past hurts not explored) most often, the child cannot face the illness the parent is going through and withdraws, limiting their contact, love and support. By identifying the situations that formed this separation, I will help you untangle the lines of miscommunication, with tools, that will bridge this bond again or bring you a deeper understanding and a greater peace.

Reiki (ray-key) is a non-medical healing practice that delivers powerful healing energy (universal life force) from God through the healing hands of the practitioner. This healing energy helps in three areas. For your mind it can relieve stress, anxiety and depression. In the body it can help alleviate pain and promote healing. Connecting to your spirit, it can take you from a place of fear to calmness.

HOPEspece© is not Hospice. It is a new concept, for those approaching end of life. A non-medical practice it can go together with Hospice or stand alone, by itself. All individuals perceive death differently. For some, death can be feared because of pain and suffering, or the unknown. What happens when we die? Is there an Afterlife? What is the moment of death like? What does Heaven look like? Will I see loved ones? What if those questions could be answered? What if the other side were glorious and you could experience an inner peace or even excitement, about your next greatest adventure? This is HOPEspece© As I sit with you and share through documented readings, from doctors, scientists, religious leaders and people who have experienced life after death, (N.D.E.) their revelations, will confirm, that the “other side” exist. In addition, I will perform guided imagery of what you will experience, play healing music, preform Reiki, read scripture confirming God’s word on eternity, create a scared space, read prayers for your transitioning and explain all the wonderous things that your journey will reveal. Available upon request, I will sit vigil by your side (with your family or alone) as you transition to your final home.

“Death is just walking from one room into another.” -Helen Keller

Certified Life Coach, Life Coach Institute of Orange County, CA

Certified Death Doula (end of life transitional coach)

IAP Career College Princeton, New Jersey

Certified Reiki Healing Practitioner Balanced Energies Holistic Healing School, Temecula CA

*Insured with B.B.I.