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“Hope seeks the light…and the light heals.”


Hope Light Coaching

The thoughts you think, or the beliefs you hold, can affect how you feel about pain, your life, the choices you make and your future. If those thoughts are limiting, or negative, it can lead to depression, anxiety, stress, physical ailments and isolation. There is a saying “What you create in your mind, you create in your world around you.” Embracing the mind, body and spirit connection, Hope Light Coaching, specializes in helping clients with chronic diseases, long-term medical conditions, cancer, chronic pain, arthritis, high blood pressure, diabetes, chronic fatigue syndrome and other modalities. By focusing on the thoughts that hold you captive, we will explore those life changing challenges. By removing the thought “chains,” that keep you from living, you become free to live your best life now. In addition, I also work with those who have family estrangement issues. With long term illnesses, sometimes this becomes more pronounced, leaving you with feelings of abandonment or separation. As we peel back the layers of this deep hurt, you will learn how to either change or accept this situation, while experiencing a more peaceful state of mind in the process.

Life Coaching

A Life Coach is a wellness professional who helps people make progress in different areas of their lives, in order to gain greater fulfillment and purpose. In areas of Chronic diseases or family estrangement issues, I will provide you with fresh insight and the encouragement you need. As we walk together, to the place where you meet yourself in the now, you begin to embrace this transformation. I will challenge your limiting beliefs about yourself and help you write a new story about your life and goals.

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Reiki Healing

Reiki (pronounced ray-key) is a precise method for connecting God’s universal energy, with the body’s innate abilities of healing. As this powerful energy flows through the hands of the trained practitioner, this healing practice becomes a powerful addition, to conventional therapeutic methods.

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End of Life Transitional Coaching

All of us will reach this transitional point in our lives, called death. Some will face it with acceptance and grace, others with regret or loss, and even relief. But what of those individuals, that will look upon it with great fear? Fear of pain, suffering, or the unknown.

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Losing a loved one to death is the greatest loss, a person can experience. Whether a spouse, child, family member or dear friend, the grief we feel can seem endless…as well as the pain we suffer. As I guide and comfort you, through the five stages of grief, you will learn to process these feelings you hold inside. With compassion and empathy, we will create and utilize comfort tools, grief exercises, guided imagery and self-exploration as you journey from despair to coping…then healing.

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Group Life Coaching is a lively, fun experience for all those attending. Discovering new things about yourself utilizing Life Coaching games, involving personality traits, self-expression, and perception, of what makes us all so unique. Through exploration of your feelings and how you view life, you can participate in learning something different, about the many “facets” of you!

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As your facilitator for a Bereavement Coaching Group, I will help you explore the different stages of grief. Sharing stories of deceased loved ones, you will learn new tools to process those feelings that lead to healing, not as a survivor, but as a person that can turn their loss, into a stepping-stone of deeper purpose, strength, and faith.

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Meet Your

Coach Heidi Simmons

With over fourteen years of coaching experience in Southern California and a background in working with women with major health issues and life transitions, I am a coach for all seasons of life. As a Certified Life Coach, End of Life Traditional Coach, (D.D.) and Reiki Healing Practitioner who is both spiritual and intuitive, I can combine all areas when needed. Focusing on mind, body and spirit, I specialize in chronic diseases, such as cancer, family estrangement, end of life transitioning and those experiencing bereavement. Bringing a warm, caring, personal approach to my style of coaching, I will gain your trust and confidence, as we create a bond. In addition to my certifications, now living in Temecula, CA. I have taken the Chaplain training classes at Temecula Valley Hospital and Hospice training at Arbor Hospice in Hemet. At the present, I also volunteer my life coaching services for women at Michell’s Place who have survived or have different types of cancers.

Serving the Temecula Valley area, CA.
Offering services at my office, your residence, or other locations.

Certified Life Coach, Certified End of Life Coach (D.D.) and Certified Reiki Healing Practitioner, insured nationwide.

What if tomorrow your life could be different? Less pain? Less anxiety? Less fear? What if tomorrow you could experience help, hope and healing? You could if today, you took the first step to activate that change. I am here to guide you on that journey, to live your best life now!